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5 Must-See Neighbourhoods Around the Lower Mainland, BC

If you're looking to explore more parts of the Lower Mainland, outside of Vancouver. Check out these 5 Must-see Neighbourhoods!

1. Steveston

Steveston is a neighbourhood on the south-west tip of Richmond. It is home to National Historic Gulf of Georgie Cannery and Fisherman's Wharf. Much of the area was declared a heritage zone in 1960, which is why it has been a bit frozen in time. You can buy the famous Steveston Spot Prawns and Seafood right off of a boat or at a fish shop. If you aren't into cooking your own seafood, you can have delicious fish and chips right on the water at Pajo's! As you are walking along the streets, you may notice some familiar store fronts. Steveston is the home of ABC's Once Upon a Time and many others.

2. Fort Langley

This quaint little town is situated in Langley along the Fraser River. Here, you can visit an array of vintage shops, galleries, breweries, and restaurants. Fort Langley is also home to a National Historic Site of the former fur trading post of the Hudson's Bay Company. The beautiful City Hall has also been featured in many TV shows and movies.

3. Deep Cove

Located in North Vancouver, this little cove is the perfect place to go kayaking and paddle boarding. It is well known for its easy Quarry Rock hike - which has been closed since July 2021 due to COVID. If you're looking to do a longer and more difficult hike, the Baden Powell Trail just up the street from Panorama Park. It is also a lovely place to have a picnic by the waterfront or grab a donut from the famous Honey Doughnuts and Goodies.

4. White Rock

This seaside community is home to an eight kilometer stretch of sandy beach and warm shallow waters. You can walk along the Pier that stretches just under 500 m into the ocean or walk along the Promenade to check out the shops and restaurants. And of course, you will see that there really is a White Rock located on the beach.

5. Lower Lonsdale

Lower Lonsdale or the "Shipyards District" is located in North Vancouver. There are always events happening in the area, and restaurants to try out. Another waterfront neighbourhood that takes advantage of the beauty that surrounds our cities. You can appreciate the Vancouver skyline from a restaurant or the boardwalk. From the name, you can probably guess that there is a rich history of shipbuilding.

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