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Wedding Trends of 2022

Updated: Mar 6

1. Garden Weddings

According to One Fab Day "Back-Garden Weddings" are going to be hot this year! With the endless possibilities of stylings for your garden, why wouldn't you want a wedding in an enchanted place. These outdoor weddings offer flexibility with your guest list - no more fighting over who can have a plus one or not! Everyone will be welcome to your open air party.

2. BIG Parties

Photo taken by Ashley Drody

Since we've all been locked at home for the past two years, physically and socially distancing from others, we're expecting BIG parties to celebrate love and life according to Brides. And why not share your love with everyone around you?! Bigger is better!

3. More Outdoor Weddings

Photo taken by Ashley Drody

In British Columbia in 2020 and 2021, outdoor weddings were your safest bet to get around a cancellation due to COVID and despite the easing of restrictions now, we don't expect things have changed much! Couples don't want any added stress of their weddings being cancelled or postponed any longer and Best For Bride agrees. Spring and summers in B.C. are BEAUTIFUL, so couples are going to be taking advantage of that this year. With an incredible amount of outdoor venues, backyards, and so much more, BC couples will have the most scenic backgrounds in their wedding photos to remember forever.

4. Multi-Day Celebrations

The Knot says that some to-be-weds are hosting multi-day celebrations to wow their guests. You're already planning a big celebration so why not GO BIG! No one ever wants the party to end, and with a multi-day celebration it doesn't have to. From welcome parties, to dress rehearsals, to the big event, and the after party, there are no shortage of event ideas to entertain your guests with.

5. Specialty Wedding Vendors

Here's where Blue Jay Rentals comes into play! Although we don't provide specialty entertainment for your guests, you can be sure that they will be surprised and delighted by the comfort of our washroom trailers. Adorned with florals, string lights, and other trinkets, our washroom trailers will have your guests talking. There is no need to compromise on comfort or hygiene when hosting your wedding in the forest or on a farm. Blue Jay Rentals will give your guests a washroom experience that they will remember!

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