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Portable Toilets

Affordable Portable Toilet Rentals

bathroom trailer interior

If you are seeking affordable portable toilets, it's time to consider Blue Jay Rentals. Porta Potties as they are better known are cheap and effective solutions to keep your staff or guests content. Blue Jay Rentals offers more comfortable portable toilets at affordable prices. Our portable toilet rentals are of a much higher standard with running water, internal plumbing, air conditioning, and heating. They are excellent options for weddings, private events, construction and film sites, and larger events. Blue Jay Rentals portable toilets are cleaner, more sanitary and more private than the traditional options and they come with trusted servicing as you need. Finding affordable portable bathrooms is easy, but finding a washroom rental that is both affordable AND effective at keeping your people happy is hard work, and Blue Jay Rentals is prepared to take on the challenge. So long porta potties.

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