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Quad Washroom Trailer Rentals

For large events

Ideal for 150+ Guests

quad washroom trailer rental

Planning an event and realize you don't have enough bathrooms?

We’ve got you covered. Quad washroom trailer rentals are the perfect solution for any outdoor event – whether it’s a music festival, corporate picnic, or charity race. With four separate washrooms, your guests will appreciate the convenience.

Our trailers are also equipped with air conditioning to keep things cool in the summer heat. Plus, our team is available 24/7 to help with any emergencies that may arise. So relax and enjoy your event – we’ve got everything taken care of.

  • Ideal for 1 day events over 150 people
  • 28 feet long x 8 feet wide
  • Four private rooms each with a toilet, urinal and sink
  • Air conditioning and heating comes standard
  • Full running water and modern fixtures
  • Modern interior and exterior with faux granite finishes
  • Comes fully stocked and ready to go

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