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We know that our beautiful portable washrooms are already simple and easy to order, but how do we make them suit your needs and fit seamlessly into your wedding? It’s all in the details!

At Blue Jay Rentals, we are keen to help you have comfortable portable washrooms that your guests will feel safe in. Our washroom trailers are temperature controlled to keep your guests happy in any weather. In addition to that, we would like our portable washrooms to surprise and delight your guests because we are not like any other portable washroom company. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service to our clients and here’s how we do that.

We offer a décor package to further personalize the bathroom to your liking. Katrina and Christopher will work with you to decide what items you would like to be included in your washroom package. We offer lighting, carpets, florals, and a hospitality basket. With these added features, our washrooms will feel like you’ve stepped into a hotel bathroom!

You can personalize your washroom trailer as much or as little as you like. With Blue Jay Rentals, the possibilities are endless.

Blue Jay Rentals

Portable Luxury Washrooms

Blue Jay Rentals is a family owned and operated Portable Luxury Washroom service based in Richmond, BC. We pride ourselves in offering the most elegant and delightful washrooms coupled with our exceptionally personable service. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday, company party, or private event – big or small, we will be available to serve you and your guests. Call or submit a quote form today!

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