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Who doesn’t love a VIP treatment, especially when it is unexpected. When planning your event, it’s important to consider how you will make it memorable and unique. All event planners ensure great venues, food, and entertainment, but excellent planners consider bathrooms and guest comfort. Curating an event with your guest in mind means considering every part of the guest experience down to the washroom. Washroom trailers provide your guests with the peace of mind and a total VIP experience. This will set you apart.

Flushing Toilets

Unlike a traditional porta potty, washroom trailers come standard with 21st century plumbing that operates just like your washroom at home. Fresh water is easily accessible to flush away unwanted waste. Something so simple, flushing toilets, can totally surprise your guest.

Running Water

These days, attending public events feel a little less safe. We care more about personal hygiene than ever before, and we like it that way. Washroom trailers eliminate this fear by providing fresh running water for handwashing. Many washroom trailers come with granite sinks and simple hands free technology that allow you to properly scrub up and sing your ABCs. This allows you to enjoy your night worry free.

Temperature Control

British Columbia is home to some of the world’s most extreme weather. Summers can get brutally hot, and winters can be bone chilling. Our washroom trailers come standard with air conditioning and heating for all season usage and comfort.


Modern washroom trailers eliminate odors into the belly of the waste tank, trapping them until your event is through. Incredible ventilation helps remove almost all smell.

The Lineup

Ever waited in line for a washroom? It kind of makes you have to go even more. Multiple stalls, large interior cabins and separate entry and exit doors allow for easy accessibility and minimal wait time. Washroom trailers come standard with multiple washrooms, which help to eliminate your washroom queue faster after the buffet dinner.

Interior Lighting

Sometimes you need the washroom to freshen up and get a good look at yourself. As an event planner, lighting is key, and washroom trailers have strategically placed lighting to help your guests feel refreshed as they wash up.

Family Friendly

As an event planner, it is crucial to consider moms and dads. Single capacity porta potties can be impossible to use with young children. Washroom trailers are spacious and provide ample countertop space to help moms and dad stay organized with kiddies.

Blue Jay Rentals

Luxury Washroom Trailers

Blue Jay Rentals is a family owned and operated portable luxury washroom provider based in Vancouver, BC. We offer our clients beautiful washroom trailers with professional service. We aim to surprise and delight your guests with added features and custom touches. Birthdays, weddings, festivals large and small, we have your guests at the heart of our work. We look forward to serving you!

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