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When it comes to planning a wedding, there is a lot to think about. One of the most important elements that can often be overlooked is the bathroom situation. Renting a washroom trailer for your wedding has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and portability. Whether you are having an outdoor ceremony or hosting in a large venue, restroom trailers can provide all the amenities necessary for your guests’ comfort without breaking your budget.

Necessity of Bathroom Trailer Rentals

No matter what size event you’re hosting, it’s always important to consider how many bathrooms you need. If you have more than 75 guests attending your wedding reception, then you should seriously consider renting one or more restroom trailers. This will ensure that everyone at your event will have access to clean, comfortable facilities with plenty of space for privacy.

It’s also essential to think about where you plan on setting up these trailers if renting them for an outdoor ceremony or reception. You want to make sure they are placed in an area with proper drainage and ventilation so that they don’t get too hot or stuffy inside during summer months! Additionally, keep in mind any local regulations regarding sanitation when deciding on placement as well as noise levels so as not to disturb nearby neighbors.

Cost is another factor when considering whether or not to rent restroom trailers for weddings and other events. The cost varies depending on the type of trailer and number of units needed but can range anywhere from $500-$2000+ per day/per unit plus delivery fees and setup costs if applicable. However, compared to traditional portable toilets which would require multiple visits by service companies throughout the day (or night) this cost savings can really add up!

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Types of Bathroom Trailers

When selecting restroom trailers for weddings there are several options available including luxury models, standard models, and ADA compliant models depending on what type of amenities best suits your needs. Luxury models typically feature air conditioning/heating units as well as flushing toilets and sinks with running water – ideal for larger events like formal gatherings or corporate functions where guests will expect certain comforts such as music playing overhead or hand sanitizer dispensers near each sink station! Standard models offer basic interior features such as stalls with non-flushing toilets but may include some additional amenities such as mirrors and hand wash stations outside; ADA compliant options must follow specific guidelines set by law in order accommodate those with disabilities who may be attending your event (i.e., wheelchair ramps).

Tips For Renting A Bathroom Trailer

Once you have determined which type(s) best fit(s)your needs it’s time to begin shopping around! Make sure you research different companies thoroughly before committing – check customer reviews online, ask family/friends if they know anyone who has used them before (and how their experience was), etc.. It’s also important that you double check availability since some companies may only book out months in advance (especially during peak season). Finally read through any associated terms & conditions carefully prior signing anything so that there are no surprises later down the line when everything arrives at your event location!.


Renting a bathroom trailer for your wedding is an effective way to provide clean sanitation services at events without taking away from guest experience due its convenience portability – perfect for outdoor ceremonies receptions alike! When considering rental necessity take into account number guests attending location set-up cost associated types available which range from luxury standard ADA compliant options. Lastly check out what we have to offer – our advise and services are unmatched!  Let us help you have the perfect wedding.

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