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Bathroom Style Trends for 2022

If you are looking for ideas on how to renovate your washroom or change your bathroom decor, we have some interior design tips for you. These are a few of the washroom style trend for 2022.


When everyone was picking up hobbies to fill their time during Covid-19 lockdowns, many of us (myself included!) became plant parents. Lucky for us, this is a trend that never really seems to go away. "A bathroom interior design trend that we see continuing is that of biophilia" says Henry Prideaux of Henry Prideaux Interior Design. Plants add colour and natural texture to your bathroom and add a sense of calm and harmony - the exact thing you want when you're relaxing in your tub!

Spa-like Features

We have all been going through stressful times and why not be able to unwind at home as you would at a spa? Spa-like features are no longer out of reach for the average person and they're not that hard to implement either. Adding a beautiful chandelier or a soaking tub or both to your washroom, can give you the spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

Bold Colours

Adding a splash of colour to your washroom can really elevate the look and design. You can do this with paint or wallpaper. And when choosing your colour, this is what Amber Shay, national vice president of Design Studios for Meritage Homes says "I would call them moody jewel tones. They don't just create mystery and depth, but also a cozy romantic feel."

Walk-in Showers/Wet Rooms

The truth is, not everyone loves to soak in a tub and not everyone has space for a tub in their washroom. But, walk-in showers or wet rooms are also trending in 2022! Paul Wells of Sanctuary Bathrooms has found that “more people are choosing to go for walk-in showers and wet rooms over baths, while also moving away from smaller cubicles to much bigger and larger enclosures."

Open Concept

On the topic of space...or lack thereof, ensuite bathrooms are getting a new look. Emma Yardley of HGTV says "As walls between bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms shrink, and doors disappear altogether, a new bathroom-design trend for 2022 is emerging – the opening up of open-concept living. Toilets tend to still be tucked away but bathtubs, showers and sinks have come out into the open."

If you're planning a remodel of your home bathroom or you've been unfortunately been forced to remodel due to pipes bursting, flood, etc., Blue Jay Rentals would be happy to supply a long term rental washroom trailer for your comfort.

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Blue Jay Rentals is a family owned and operated Portable Luxury Washroom service based in Richmond, BC. We pride ourselves in offering the most elegant and delightful washrooms coupled with our exceptionally personable service. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday, company party, or private event - big or small, we will be available to serve you and your guests. If you're in a pinch or planning a bathroom remodel, we can provide some comfort for your home while your bathroom is out of service. Call or submit a quote form today!

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